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Tue Jul 12, 2011, 3:47 AM

Just thought I'd give you a progress report on all the comics I've been working on, and will be posting on :devart:.  I'll update it weekly.  Here's the key to the status of the comic...
:star: = Finished page
:star-half: = Unfinished page
:star-empty: = Page not yet drawn

"The Art of the Stink Cloud," for :iconcecilartman: - :star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: 15%
"Clash of the Gluttons," for :iconjosiah-shockency-jcs: - :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: 55%

"Fertile Fields," for :iconnayzor:Nayzor - :star::star::star::star::star-half::star-half::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: 35%
"Impossible Friendship," for :iconfyrekobra: - :star::star::star::star::star::star-half: 85%

"Peanut Butter, Jelly and Max," for :iconred-helper:Red-Helper - :star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty: 30%

"Rouballast the Rogue Luftballoon," for :iconcyberneticcupcake: - :star::star::star::star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: 40%
"Trefe" :new:, personal - :star-half::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: 10%

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What I Gotta Draw...

Tue Jul 9, 2013, 10:04 AM

OK, I finally got around to revising the "to-do" list!  So here's my to-draw list for my :devart: friends, which I will update regularly.

Commissions are available, price list here:…  If you'd like to buy a sketch card, go here for details:…

NOTE: I reserve the right to refuse your request for any reason.  In such cases, I will offer an alternative choice.

Requests Note: Requests are CLOSED.  Thank you for your patience.

1. :iconangelicdomination: Sonic the Hedgehog fan comic

2. :iconcecilartman: Skunk Fu fan comic: In progress

3. :iconcrazysonic00: Sonic the Hedgehog fan comic

4. :iconjosejr30:josejr30 Krypto the Superdog fan comic

5. :icontheninja97: My Little Pony fan comic

Art Trades

1. :icondickraymond: - One Piece fan comic

2. :iconmarioblade64: - Comic with his OC: Done

3. :iconmr-r0bby-r0b: - Justice League fan comic

4. :iconshineofrain: - Comic with his OCs

5. :icontradt-production: - Comic with his OCs


1. :icongenie-dragon:Genie-Dragon

2. :iconhershey990:

3. :iconhippo2:

4. :iconjosiah-shockency-jcs: - In progress

5. :iconlaptopgeek:


1. :iconfyrekobra: - Crossover collaboration: In progress

2. :icongo-tee: - Commissioned comic

3. :iconlooneytunerian: - Looney Tunes/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover collaboration

4. :iconred-helper:Red-Helper - Commissioned comic: In progress

5. :iconsanone: - Commissioned comic

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SSU Subraces: Albion Amazons by EmperorNortonII
SSU Subraces: Albion Amazons
This is number 455 in the "SSU Subraces" series, featuring offshoots of the races appearing in the "Sleepy Stories" comics by myself and :iconnayzor:Nayzor
Albion Amazon- Albion Amazons are a race of Amazons who live throughout Great Britain. They resemble beautiful, muscular English females who wear the most revealing bikinis possible. Albion Amazons are very strong and love beauty in all forms. Many act as guardians of forests and cities throughout England. Albion Amazons love to sleep and, like all Amazons, snore very loudly with the pregnant ones snoring the loudest.   
Next Subrace: Maia Saurians
SSU Subraces: Gynosphinxes by EmperorNortonII
SSU Subraces: Gynosphinxes
This is number 454 in the "SSU Subraces" series, featuring offshoots of the races appearing in the "Sleepy Stories" comics by myself and :iconnayzor:Nayzor
Gynosphinx- Gynosphinxes are a midwife race of sphinxes. They have the torsos of women, the front paws and hindquarters of cougars and the wings of storks. Gynosphinxes are very fertile with most adults and teens pregnant. They act as midwives for sphinx and lamia races. Gynosphinxes love to sleep, growling their snores loudly with the many pregnant ones snoring even louder.
Next Subrace: Albion Amazons SSU Subraces: Albion Amazons by EmperorNortonII
SSU Bios: Mejenias by EmperorNortonII
SSU Bios: Mejenias
This is number 581 in the "SSU Bios" series, featuring the many races appearing in the "Sleepy Stories" comics by myself and :iconnayzor:Nayzor
Mejenia-  Mejenias are a race of Mexican genies. They resemble Mexican women, wear skimpy but colorful bikinis and live in adobe jars. Mejenias are a fertile race with most adults and teens pregnant. They love to take many siestas and oversee fiestas. Mejenias usually sleep floating over their jars snoring loudly. Young mejenia girls sleep on the ground, as do the many pregnant ones, who snore loudest of all.
Next Bio: Gaaungthephants

Jury Duty

Fri May 22, 2015, 11:10 PM

Last Movie Seen In Theaters: Avengers: Age of Ultron
Last Movie Outside of Theaters: True Stories
Currently Reading: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Newest DVD: The Aristocrats
Newest CDs: Entertainment Weekly: 80's Wave, So by Peter Gabriel and Relish by Joan Osborne
Most Recent Kiriban Klub Winner: :iconnayzor:Nayzor
Next Kiriban: 2,250,000

Hey gang. Things have been busy this week. I've been serving on jury duty lately. Here's what happened: I got a summons on Monday, then was told to report in on Wednesday morning. So I went to the courthouse, checked in, and waited for further instructions. Some time later, the judge and the lawyers for the case came into the jury assembly room. They announced the case they were hearing. First, a lot of people filled out papers asking to be excused for hardship. I felt I didn't qualify. Everyone who didn't fill out the hardship form didn't have to stick around, but we were told to come back in the afternoon. So I got a break for a while.
When I went back, we had to go to the courtroom. That's where the jury selection happened. It wasn't so simple. There was a panel of twenty-one potential jurors chosen at random, but things ran long when the lawyers asked questions to them pertaining to the case. They couldn't choose the jurors before the court session ended, so we had to go back the next morning.
The following morning, the judge started by excusing a number of people from the panel. So more people had to be randomly chosen. And guess what? One of them was myself! Anyway, a little more questioning from the lawyers. Eventually, it came time to reduce the panel and excuse some more people. So there's now a jury of twelve, and three alternate jurors. I'm one of the alternates.
Anyway, the judge has advised us not to discuss the details of the trial with anyone, either face to face, or through electronic devices or the Internet. So I'll talk about this when it's all over. This is the third time I've been on a jury. The previous two times I served on criminal cases. This is a civil case, so I'm sure it'll go smoother than my last jury experience!

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